Your profile is valuable, so mess it up!

Did you know that many governments, hundreds of advertising agencies and countless companies are actively profiling every step you take on the net?

What is profiling?

Things like banners and "share buttons" from big companies like Google and Facebook are present on nearly all websites.

This allows for them to know you are visiting every single website which has such tracking or banners. Show me the long description of this, please.

Whenever you visit a website, they get pieces of information about you, such as your IP and what browser you are using. That is not so bad by itself, but it can quickly paint a bigger picture, especially when many websites use the same widgets from other companies (Google Adwords, Facebook). They will be able to uniquely identify you, especially if you are logged in to their service, and then follow you around and see which websites you visit, because so many are using the same companies’ services to provide their pages with banners, or social sharing widgets.

You are logged in to Gmail, and search Google for "Pants". Now Google will know who you are, who you communicate with, and that you are interested in pants. If you then close the web browser, come back a day later, and go directly to a blog post about TVs. You are still logged in to Google, and since the blog is using banners from Google, Google will now also know you are visiting that page. And if there's a "57 of your Facebook friends like this page", then Facebook knows you are visiting the blog too!

What does this tool do?

This website will randomly browse web pages and do web searches for you!

The links and searches are automatically crawled and categorized by the backend, and will always be fresh, relevant and unique!

This will flag your profile with false data, giving them much more work to filter out false-positives, and could even give you plausible deniability if needed. Show me the long description of this, please.

This website will randomly visit websites and do web searches for you! That will fill up your profile with false data, and also give you some plausible deniability if needed!

If governments are using specific websites or searches to flag users for manual analysis, etc., then let's make them work for it! Since the early days of Echelon rumors, people have been trying to mess with their profiles, or give them more than they can handle by randomly writing "bomb" in chats or e-mails. Support this cause, by starting the tool and leave it to its random browsing.

The links and searches are automatically crawled and categorized by the backend, and will always be fresh, relevant and unique!

Will this service click on banners or links on pages it loads? No, it will not. The pages are loaded stand-alone in a separate window. Browser security does not allow one page to have an impact on another. To do so, you would need to install software or an addon (like TrackMeNot) on your device.

Can't they just ignore pages or searches from this site? No. The links visited are constantly updated, and the searches are both natural and highly variable. There should be no way to uniquely identify neither pages nor searches.

Who does this?

Advertising companies, and governments. Show me the long description of this, please.

Advertising companies make a (huge) profit out of this. They can re-target advertising to you (ever been to a website looking at a product, and then seem to see ads for that product everywhere?).

There are also several reports and leaks that confirm that governments are also using this information. They can either "piggyback" on the unique advertising-ID you are given by a third party company to identify you, or they can actively force a huge company to give them all the data they have about one, several or all of their users. Depending on the country, it might be illegal for the company to refuse this, or even acknowledge that such a request has been made.

Why is it called They Came For.Me?

It is based on a poem, "First they came.." regarding purging in Nazi Germany. Show me the long description of this, please.

It is based on a poem, "First they came.." regarding purging in Nazi Germany.

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out— Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me— and there was no one left to speak for me.

Choose which types of webpages you want to open

Choose which search engines you want to open

Select the one(s) you usually use.

Okay, actively jamming your profile!

A second window is now open, which will randomly visit websites, and do web searches to give fake data in your profile.


Fake page loads! Keep it going!

What can I do to help?

The best thing you can do is of course to actually use this page, or similar tools.

This will dilute your online fingerprint, and make it less easy for governments and companies to comb through everybody's data. There are also other tools you can use to prevent tracking, such as VPNs, or browser addons.

A few suggested tools / addons:

  • HTTPS Everywhere: Browser addon to force encrypted connections for websites that support it.
  • Privacy Badger: Browser addon that blocks trackers and spying elements on websites.
  • Clear cookies: Clearing cookies and other storage is highly recommended. This will make companies/the government "forget" who you are, but it's easy to identify you again based on unique browser/connection fingerprints, and when you log in again to some website.
  • Use a VPN: Use a VPN on all your devices (computer/phone/tablet). There are several good ones, I personally like Mullvad.
  • Support the guys fighting for us: Support and donate to guys like EFF and The Tor Project.

Support this project

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